Malcolm and Patsy Sharing Some Memories With You

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Mason, Superman
Rachel and Matt joined Cal, Adon, Kael, Paige, Cardson & Mason for trick or treat fun tonight in our neighborhood after we had a pizza dinner together and gifts for Kael. They looked so cute and had so much fun together treking through our neighborhood. We ran out of treats because we had just tons of children this year!
All of our Goblins

Kael's Baptism

We all had a memorable day at Kael's baptism today. Grandpa was asked to lead the music and I played the piano. Tyler's Mom and Sister, Lindsay, Brian, Deb, Matt & Rachel also joined us.
Our Grandchildren at the baptism
Grammy & Kael
Grandpa and Kael


Malcolm and I worked all day yesterday and canned 37 pints of applesauce from Fuji and golde delicious apples we bought at Apple Hill. Looking forward to a yummy winter!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Apple Hill Trip

Malcolm and I took our annual trip to Apple Hill to purchase apples today. What a wonderful and fun place to visit. There are all manner of vendors with some very creative things they have made. We started out at Larson's to buy our apples and cider, then to High Hill Ranch to visit the Chocolate Factory for our favorite candy - only once a year. Then we were told that Mill View Ranch was had the finest apples fritters so we visited and truly they are just delicious! It was a memorable day for us boh!
Malcolm at High Hill Ranch
A very nice lady agreed to take our picture together!

Friday, October 9, 2009

46 years for us 37th Birthday for Brian

I had a couple of doctor appts Thursday and Friday so we got a motel in Martinez and got together with Brian & Deb and had a delightful dinner at a wonderful resturant in Napa - a steak house which had unusually delicious food and magnificent service. Anyway it was quite a treat. Afterwards we went to their home and had dessert and sang happy birthday and watched Brian unwrap birthday gifts. Matthew is learning he guitar and played happy birthday for his Dad on his guitar. It was a touching moment - we had a great visit with them all!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Visit

We were out walking today and met Tyler & Amanda walking too. They stopped by and our grandchildren all wanted to hang from our front tree, which has finally grown big enough!- I also talked Mason into sitting on our bench with a pumpkin so I could take a picture and he was very cooperative - kids are so cute!
Mason with a pumpkin
Adon peeking through the tree
Calvin is almost there
Paige can hang a long time
Kael, clowning with one hand
Carson is a monkey

Friday, October 2, 2009

Russell's 35th.

Our son Russell just had his 35th birthday. He is just a delightful young man and has brought us much joy and chuckles through the years. He just spent the weekend with us before he went with the family on a hike to Mt. Lassen. We enjoy his conversations, guitar playing and his nephews and nieces just love him - We love you, Son!

Russell's first birthday
Hanging from our tree in Redding
His first paper route
School picture
Trip to Disneyland
High School Graduation!

With Niece, Kylie

With Niece, Paige

At with nieces, Sarah & Brittany

At Marine boot camp graduation

With aunt Kathi & Cousin Erik

Hike up Mt. Lassen