Malcolm and Patsy Sharing Some Memories With You

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wasp nests

Wasps in one bird feeder
Another home for wasps
Even our raspberry bushes have wasp homes

We have been plagued with wasps in our yard so I have been stung several times with a bad reaction. Malcolm found some in a cement mixer and other places, but today I found them in our bird feeders and even in our raspberry bushes. They made a big mistake because Malcolm will fix them!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Carson and Malcolm

I just love this very cute picture of Carson and Malcolm looking over the edge at Yosemite. The power of example in children is so special!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pictures from vacation

Malcolm at Temple Square
A beautiful Mural in one of the buildings on Temple Square
A view of the temple from the Church Office Building
A visit to the Tabernacle
Patsy at Temple Square
Malcolm at the Seagull Momument
An unusual cloud formation near the freeway going home.

Some pictures from our recent trip to Utah. It was a good vacation!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rylie in her Baptism dress
Rylie with Amy and Trent
Mal and Patsy at Temple Square
Mal in the tunnel in the Joseph Smith building on our way to lunch
Beautiful Salt Lake Temple

Malcolm and I have had a wonderful journey visiting with Amy, Trent and their children for Rylie's baptism and celebrating our anniversary, then on to Utah for a few days with Gram Eastland. We did some errands and fix-it jobs for her and just enjoyed her company and got plenty of rest and spend quite a bit of time in Salt Lake City visiting new places we had not seen and just generally enjoying ourselves. We had dinner at a place called the Flemming Steak House and had a super dinner - wonderful evening. We also did plenty of walking everywhere.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Snow in Idaho Falls
Rylie on Buck and Bronco
Mady and Lexi making sand necklaces

We are at Amy and Trent's and were lucky enough not to get caught in the snow following us. However this morning, it began to rain, then snow, then heavy snow. We got some great pictures of all the fluffy white snow in their back yard, front yard and our car. It feels cold to us because it is in the 37-39 range. Kind of exciting to be here with the first snow of the fall season. We did not expect it!! This is quite a change for us from California! We are enjoying our visit with grandchildren and attended their school carnival last evening. They had a ball playing games and collecting tokens to cash in at the end of the fun!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our Roses

We love these red and yellow roses which seem to bloom all year long. Malcolm just picked some today

Trip to Apple Hill

Our grandchildren, Mason, Paige and Carson with Fireman sprinkler
Fireman Sprinkler

Malcolm and I spent a wonderful and fun day at Apple Hill. We got some placemats, Apples and a delightful fireman sprinkler for our lawn. Our grandkids loved seeing it work. It looks like a person from a distance. A very clever wood worker from Oklahoma made these works of art. We had a delicious apple turnover and lunch, then came home and stored our apples. This is an annual event we take advantage of each year and enjoy just as much every time we go.