Malcolm and Patsy Sharing Some Memories With You

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Malcolm!!

Then - May 31, 1941
Now - May 31, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday to my Angel Husband! He is an incredible Husband, Father and Man. I am blessed to be married to him for almost 48 years this Fall. He is a talented man who has plaedy every kind of ball and worked in an interesting area of employment. Malcolm has a great sense of humor, and love for outdoors, hiking and backpacking. Several of his friends and Brian have joined him on his adventures in Alaska. He also took young men on great hikes in Yosemite and Marble Mountains. When we moved to Live Oak, he took on beautifying our home with some very creative and beautiful planters and patios. He also served on our city council and has been an asset in his calling at Church. Wow! What a guy - I love him sooo much Happy Birthday my darling husband!

Grandma (Elizabeth) Weston

Our Dear Mom and Gram passed peacefully away Sunday, May 29th . She led a wonderful and full life with many friends and Grandchildren who loved her dearly. She played games with them, made them eat healthy foods and was delightful to be around. She always had a special feeling for babies and made certain all her granddaughters had baby dolls as long as she could give them. Many of our children would spend some time in the summer working with grandpa and enjoying games afterwards with them. She and Grandpa belonged to a dance group and several times took grandchildren with them to watch the fun. We have been blessed to be around gram and grandpa all of our married life so our children have had some rich and wonderful memories! Malcolm and I have been particularly close to Gram and Grandpa since we moved to Live Oak and they to Marysville. We spent some time shopping, doctor appointments and family outings together for the past 6 years. and have had so much fun!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Knee

The new knee with stitches out
The new knee with staples in
May 3rd I received a new knee at John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek. I had a rocky start, but thing have been better since all the meds were corrected and I got home with Malcolm's excellent care. He had to give me shots for blood thinner every day for 20 days and lots of physical therapy to get the range of motion I am glad it is now done and life can move forward. Many wonderful friends and our daughter provided some excellent food for a few days to help us and we are so very grateful. Thank you everyone to came to visit and for the flowers, books and upbeat visitsl