Malcolm and Patsy Sharing Some Memories With You

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Bedroom

We bought a new split king memory foam bed and some new bedding. I had to add a blue edge to the coverlet because it was not long enough and then made some curtains to match. We love the new look and comfort of our master bedroom. Now we are finished fixing up the house and repairing things. We are grateful for our comfortable little home!

A new soaking walk-in tub and water softener

We ordered a new water softener because our water is so hard. We notice a great difference in bathing, washing clothes and dishes. Everything is just very nice and sparkling clean.
Malcolm surprised me by ordering a walk in tub while I was at my Mom's house. It will be so much easier to get in and out to soak my legs. I am blessed and so appreciative of such a thoughtful and wonderful hubby!! I followed the progress in a few pictures including our very competent contractors who had a wonderful attitude even when things were difficult and new fittings had to be picked up, etc. They even had to make a door opening in Malcolm's office to have access to the plumbing. It is a wonderful addition to our home!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Eureka Ward Reunion & Trip

We didn't miss time for ice cream - Malcolm's favorite dessert
Dan and Ben at his Soccer game. Dan coaches - then we met up with Kristina and went to yogurt Bliss- a yummy shop where you get your own yogurt and your own toppings (there are tons of choices and ours were all different, but delicious!

The pictures below are of some of our friends from Eureka, CA . We had not seen most of them since 1983 so it was quite a reunion.
Matt Stockwell's family
Rhonda Kilpatrick Hancock and Hubby Doug
Sherrie Kilpatrick Van Orden
Bob Sorensen
Lane Kilpatrick
Ron Kilpatrick
John Ruell
Peggy Buchanan's Son Ryan and his wife
Carole Melanson and Peggy Buchanan
Ellen Miller Messerly

Malcolm and I drove to Utah to participate in a Eureka Reunion. There were many people there so it was just wonderful to visit with everyone who came. There was a park reserved, we all brought our own dinners and just had a grand visit for hours.

Old Days

Mom (Naomi) 2011 during our visit this past week

Easter 1947 with Dad, Patsy,Valerie and Linda
Easter with Mom and Linda
This is an old church we walked by every day going to school in Fairbanks, Alaska


Our Room had a great big whirlpool tub, but it did not work so we just got a picture
We stayed in the Ramada Inn 12th floor and had a terrific view of Reno at night
We stopped in Reno on our way to a visit with Mom. Dad and I also had Eureka reunion. We also visited a very interesting quilt shop next to the hotel who was giving out patterns for a special day when hot air balloons were up!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Children 2011

Us with all of our children - July 2011 after Michael and Annette's wedding

Todd, Russell, Michael, Brian, Daniel
Valerie, Amy & Amanda
July 23, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dinner in Napa

Malcolm and Rachel enjoying a fun moment
Matt sitting on a frog near the fountain outside the restaurant
The fence outside Brian's new office has a mural painted - very realistic
The three sculptures are in the fountain outside the restaurant in the garden

A beautiful pink rose in the garden by the restaurant
Brian and Deb relaxing after dinner

We drove to Napa for the afternoon and evening for a visit with Brian, Deb, Rachel and Matt. We drove over to Brian's new office complex which is an old victorian home they have converted and decorated with period decorations and accessories. It is very nicely done and fun to explore all the features They have landscaped the outside and really done a nice job!
Then we went to an Italian restaurant with a garden where they grow their own veggies and very delicious food. We had a great time and enjoyed our time with the whole family