Malcolm and Patsy Sharing Some Memories With You

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Matt ready for Church today!
Matt and Adon building a fort in the sewing room
Matt and Grandpa getting ready for Church
Adon and Matt discovered a top and played forever with it.

Today was Adon's day with Matt. We brought him home from church, had dinner, then they played, read, built a blanket fort, snacked and watched a couple of BYU programs....then snack again! Boys have bottomless tummies! Loving it all!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Matt is with us this week!

Adon, Matt & Calvin playing a handheld video game
We have Matt this week so he can spend some time with us and his cousins who he dearly loves! They have such a good time together and do so well. They seems to be able to find or make up things to do. Matt brought his guitar and a game which he shares with the boys. We have gone to the park, the water park, out for pizza and just generally have a good time together.
Matt at the Water Park
Calvin and Matt at the Water slide
All the boys swimming at the pool
Amanda with Carson and Mason at the pool
Matt and Kael watching a movie and having a snack at bedtime
Matt and Kael having dessert
A puzzle I have been working on for several weeks and finally finished at 3:30 Am this morning. I have been working on this while the boys are busy with games.
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Monday, June 21, 2010


Today We spent part of the day with Amanda and Tyler's children while Amanda had some dental work done and tried to sleep off the sedative. I took Carson and Paige home for a little while to do some chores and took this picture of them on our front bench. The kids were so good. We had lunch together, then put Mason down for a nap. Then everyone just did what they wanted for a little while. Nice peaceful day!

Happy Father's Day, Malcolm, Dad, Grandpa!!

Paige and Grandpa having a well deserved rest
Kael, Lindsay and Gram talking about baseball
Mason Enjoying a 3D story book with his glasses
Adon, just looking sweet

We pampered Malcolm for Father's Day. I gave him a basket filled with goodies that are yummy and good for him and fixed one of his favorite dinners and cream cheese cherry pie. I picked up his Mom and Amanda and Lindsay, and some of our grandchildren came over (Tyler just left for boy scout camp)and had dinner with us. Amanda fixed a very clever frame with a picture of her children for Dad. Then we just relaxed and visited all afternoon while Dad received calls from our Children wishing him a Happy Father's Day. I hope your day was special, AF!! Much love from your wife and family!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rock, Paper Scissors

We had quite a chuckle watching Mason play rock, paper scissors with Amanda when they stopped by our home this morning. He is just so cute and has his own twist on accomplishing a new thing - enjoy:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rachel's Performance

Rachel as Cheshire Cat

We had a delightful time this evening watching Rachel perform as the Cheshire cat in an act from Alice in Wonderland in Napa at a theater arts program. She was just a darling little actress! Brian and Deb got us tickets and we joined Marie, Kristina, Alan and Elise and some other friends for a great evening of entertainment watching little and bigger girls, dance, sing, act in very cute performances!

Brian, Rachel and Deb
Malcolm(Grandpa), Rachel and Patsy(Gram)
Kristina, Marie(Other Gram), & Rachel

Friday, June 4, 2010

"Freedom's Not Free" The Rivoli Revue

We are so blessed to live in a free land and I am grateful for those who have made it possible for us at great sacrifice!