Malcolm and Patsy Sharing Some Memories With You

Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Day Together

Our bamboo salad mixers
Today, Malcolm and I went to a home and landscape show at the Expo in Sacramento. We had such a good time looking a beautiful displays of ideas for homes, gardens, decorations and exhibitions by business trying to sell their products. We spent three hours walking around just to see everything in 4-5 large buildings. We stopped and had a lunch of taco for me (very delicious and light) and taco salad for Malcolm, which he really enjoyed too. We met some nice people and even saw several friends. We bought some energy efficient light bulbs and a set of salad mixer forks made from bamboo. It was wonderful just to be together and have fun! I would advise a date day for all couples - it is just good, fun and helps keep your relationship fresh, healthy and wonderful!

Come Unto Christ

I have been speaking for ward conferences in our stake the past couple of weeks and have written this poem to go with my talk on the Beatitudes. It has been a wonderful time to study and think about the Savior and how we can be like him.

Come Unto Christ

Being poor in spirit is much like a child
Allow the Father to mild and to guide
Pruning our weakness-allow us growth
Patience and love are the results of most.

Mourning with family and with friends
When tragedy strikes and feels no end
Our hands are the Saviors as we assist
Bringing comfort through the tears that mist.

Meekness is obedience to the laws of God
Helping us hold on firmly to the iron rod
Being gentle, patient, forgiving and sweet
Often will bring answers while we sleep.

Righteousness involves work, sacrifice and pain
But reflect on all the blessings we can gain
Through temples, scriptures, study and prayer
Our hunger for the spiritual is answered with care.

Mercy brings mercy to those who are kind
Judgment tempered with sacrifice is not blind
Forgiveness, the condition of a generous heart
Know that a loving God to us grace imparts.

Purity in all the areas of our life
Always will bring peace instead of strife
Virtue garnishing our thoughts most oft
Will allow us eventually to see our God.

Peacemakers, oh what a balm they bring
They're seeking and making peace to ring
With friends, church and family near
They are a blessing to all we hold dear.

But those who sacrifice for righteous sake
have brought us the gospel for us to take
For they are tried and true to the very end
A witness of Christ is the message they send.

Patricia A. Weston - January 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pinewood Derby

This morning, Malcolm, being a wonderful Grandpa, invited Tyler, Calvin, Adon & Kael down to work on their pinewood derby cars. He has all the tools and equipment they need to cut and saw their cars into shape. They worked out in the garage BRRR! for quite a while and with the help of Tyler and Grandpa, they got all their cars ready to finish! It is becoming a tradition! We feel blessed to have some grandchildren near us!
The boys and Tyler beginning their derby
Calvin working on his car

Grandpa helping Kael file his car

Adon working on his car

Paige, Carson ad Mason joined Gram for watching pictures, coloring and having snacks!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Our daughter Amy made these very cute pendant necklaces for me. They are made from tiles and are very pretty and how talented she is!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Beautiful Vase!

Last week, Malcolm and I were in a furniture store and saw this beautiful vase. It has all the colors that are in our living room and kitchen. We loved it, but decided not to get it. Well, today, when I returned from a class, Malcolm was very cute and smiling. Then I went into the kitchen to make lunch and was putting it on the table when I turned and saw the vase on the room divider! He said I wanted to see how long it would take you to notice it - I think it was 20 minutes. I am delighted and just love it!