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Friday, February 27, 2009

Flamingos flew back

If you were following our flamingo story, you will note that we found them on our lawn one day - all the efforts of Bob and Amelia Fawson through their son, David, via our son in-law, Tyler. There were several of us in Fairfield who had a laugh as we put them in friends yards so we were very surprised to see them land in Live Oak. Malcolm named them Fred, Francine, Frederica, & Franco. The Fawson's took them home to share with another friend!

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Bob and Amelia Fawson said...

Actually the "flamingos" went to David and Julies home! We set them out the night before she went in to have her baby. Julie's response was: "David, don't your parents know that it is STORKS that bring babies not FLAMINGOS!!!