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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Grandma's (Liz's) 90th Surprise Party

We had such a fun day surprising Grandma Weston on her 90th birthday! Five of our children and their children, Malcolm's sister and Son and Elizabeth's sister and brother joined us. We met at Mary's Pizza in Dixon. Grandma was so surprised and just couldn't take it all in and shed a tear because she was so touched by the gathering...there were 35 of us making memories!
Todd, Brian Mike, Valerie & Amanda
Kathi and Erik
Val and Don
Todd & Billie
Kathi & Valerie
Courtney, Sarah, Andrew, Rachel, Carson, Adon, Matt, Kael Jon & Calvin
Amanda, Brian, Val, Don, Annette, Natalie, Becky, Josh & Chilly
Deb & Brian
Arnold & Donna (Liz's Brother & Sister-in-law
Elizabeth ( Mom and Grandma)

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