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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Return of the Flamingos

We had fun trading flamingos back and forth in good friends yards when we lived in Fairfield and it was just a hoot! Today we had the return of the flamingos when we returned home from church. Our good friends, Amelia and Bob Fawson gave them to their son to give to our son-in-law Tyler at the CHP Academy so Tyler, Amanda and our grandchildren put them in our yard before church today. We were so surprised and had a good laugh! Thanks for the memories, Amelia and Bob!

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David and Julie said...

I'm glad to hear that you took the flock of flamingo in good humor. According to my father, Patsy, you were "mortified" to see them the first time they found their way to your yard in Fairfield. They definately look better in front of a mobile home. I can't wait to see where, and when they will show up next. You can find out how I got the flamingo by going to my blog. I sent you an invitation to your email.
David (Son of Bob and Amelia)