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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mt Lassen Excursion

This past weekend 7 of our 8 children and their families gathered at Mt. Lassen to climb the volcano. Malcolm has been wanting to get the children together to climb for a while and this weekend worked for most of the families. I could not go because of my leg and knee, but thanks to the photographers in the family there were some wonderful photos. This one was thanks to Amanda. We had Russell, Dan & Brad, and Brian, Deb, Rachel & Matt at our home Friday night. It was so much fun to have them here so I could see them before the climb. Dan and Brad came in from Utah on the train and Russ and Brian and their family drove up. We had dinner together and visited and caught up. Valerie and Don hosted Todd, Billie, Andrew, Brittany and Sarah and Mike and Annette with Josh, Natalie and Chilly. I understand everyone made it as far as the trail went, then came down and had lunch and played together. Looks like it was a perfect day! Great effort Family!

Our hikers, From Back to front: Brian,Todd, Daniel, Russell, Michael, Valerie, Amanda & Malcolm

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Sylvia said...

Bradley was so excited about this trip. What a great idea! I bet it was wonderful to have the kids home.