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Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Day Together

Our bamboo salad mixers
Today, Malcolm and I went to a home and landscape show at the Expo in Sacramento. We had such a good time looking a beautiful displays of ideas for homes, gardens, decorations and exhibitions by business trying to sell their products. We spent three hours walking around just to see everything in 4-5 large buildings. We stopped and had a lunch of taco for me (very delicious and light) and taco salad for Malcolm, which he really enjoyed too. We met some nice people and even saw several friends. We bought some energy efficient light bulbs and a set of salad mixer forks made from bamboo. It was wonderful just to be together and have fun! I would advise a date day for all couples - it is just good, fun and helps keep your relationship fresh, healthy and wonderful!

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sara e.a.* said...

you guys are so cute! day-dates are the best.

thanks for appreciating my love for animals. :)