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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our Journey this week!

Mom - she is wonderful!
Kylie's Diploma with Mom, Ben and Grant
Kylie doing a dance at her kindergarten graduation
Joan and Larry Goss who live in Fresno
My brother Steve and his wife Erin who live in Provo
Miles Graduation at Rancho Cucamonga High School

New Friends I met on the train from North Carolina

A couple of weeks ago, I got on the train in Sacramento and rode to Provo, Utah to visit some of our family there. Our Son, Daniel picked me up at the train depot. I spent a couple of days visiting with Dan & Kris and my Mom. On Thursday, Malcolm drove up to Utah and we attended a T-ball game of Kylie's, then went to her kindergarten graduation the next day. One day my brother Steve brought fish and chips to Mom and we had lunch and visited for the afternoon and really enjoyed their visit. Sunday We attended church with Dan and Kris and so enjoyed their ward and the nice people there. We did some projects for Mom and I fell and got an egg on my knee and hurt my right shoulder, but I'm ok. I found out that rubbing butter on an egg will take the swelling down.
We left Mom's on Monday and drove to Cedar City to visit our friends, Ann Sherwood and her Dad, Cal Kahler. They took us out to an authentic Mexican dinner and loved the food and had a great visit with them both.
The next morning we left and drove to Rancho Cucamonga and got a Motel, then met at Mauri's home to visit with the boys and Miles. The graduation was ay 6:30 PM but we got to the stadium at 5:15 and got into the stadium about an hour and half later - there was only one entrance for 7,000 people. The graduation was nice and well organized. Afterwards we went to Mauri's home and had a supper with Mike, the boys, Mauri and her Dad and friend. We left the next day and drove to Fresno and visited with old friends, Joan and Larry Goss and had dinner and watched a movie and slept well. We got home Thursday! We had a good time!!

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