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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Matt is with us this week!

Adon, Matt & Calvin playing a handheld video game
We have Matt this week so he can spend some time with us and his cousins who he dearly loves! They have such a good time together and do so well. They seems to be able to find or make up things to do. Matt brought his guitar and a game which he shares with the boys. We have gone to the park, the water park, out for pizza and just generally have a good time together.
Matt at the Water Park
Calvin and Matt at the Water slide
All the boys swimming at the pool
Amanda with Carson and Mason at the pool
Matt and Kael watching a movie and having a snack at bedtime
Matt and Kael having dessert
A puzzle I have been working on for several weeks and finally finished at 3:30 Am this morning. I have been working on this while the boys are busy with games.
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