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Thursday, August 5, 2010

My 70th Birthday

It is not often that I am surprised, but Malcolm began many months ago to plan this party of our family for my 70th birthday! He really pulled if off with class and lots of family, fun and with the help of Amanda and Deb and my Sister planned the food and reserved the cultural hall at our Church so we would have room for our very large family group. How blessed I am and so love all of these special people in my life! This first picture is my first realization that there are a lot of people at our home. We had been on a vacation on the North Coast - Malcolm's plan to get me away so the girls could arrange the party. It has been a double fun weekend!
It has finally set in that there is a celebration!
Finally, I am overwhelmed at the magnitude of what is happening!

My wonderful Family organized a surprise 70th birthday party for me on my 70th birthday. All of our children, most of our grandchildren, My Sister, Linda, Brother Steve and Malcolm's Mom, Sister and nephew were all there. We had a huge family reunion together. When Malcolm and I returned from a trip to the North Coast I was met with his sign and family as the garage door opened!!! I was shocked and delighted!
Most of our grandchildren were with us on this glorious day!
Malcolm and I with our children and their spouses.
Val and Don, Dan and Kris, Russ, Trent and Amy, Todd and Billie, Amanda and Tyler, Brian and Deb, Michael and Annette, Malcolm and Patsy
Our eight children
Back row: Dan, Russell, Michael, Todd and Brian
Front row: Amy, Amanda and Valerie

Kathi, Malcolm and Mom
My Brother Steve and some of his children
Malcolm's Sister Kathi and Son, Erik and Malcolm's Mom, Elizabeth
My Sister Linda, Brother Steve and Me
Todd and Billie's Family
Val & Don'sFamily
Mike and Annette's Family
Brian and Deb's Family
Dan and Kris' Family
Amanda and Tyler's Family
Amy and Trent's Family

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dj said...

Beautiful families!!!!!

Happy Belated Birthday.

Donna-Jean and Albert