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Friday, March 18, 2011

Gram Weston

This picture was taken just before she fell -

We have had quite a week since last Sunday. Sunday morning, I went with my friend, Marietta to visit Malcolm's Mom and found her on her face on the floor. She had fallen when her walker and TV table got tangled and caused her to fall and hit her face on a wooden footstool. EMT came and took her to the hospital so I called Malcolm and he met her at the hospital and I delivered Marietta to Fairfield and returned to the hospital to meet Malcolm there. His Mom has a fractured C2 vertebrae and was put into cervical collar and on medicine for the pain in her neck. The neurologist said the neck was fractured many months previous to this fall, but apparently this was really a bad fall and a miracle she is ok for now. She was in the hospital for a few days and then transferred to a skilled nursing facility to take care of her until she can recover. Kathi Erick, Lisa and our children, Todd, Val, Mike, Amanda have been here to visit with here. We appreciate the flowers and calls to inquire on her. It has been a tough week for us all, but we are hopeful that all will go well and know she is in God's hands.

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dj said...

She is tough!