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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Visit with Mom

Bradley and Grant
An Amish couple at the train depot in Sacramento
Erin and Katya
Gram Eastland relaxing
Kylie at Cafe Rio

Malcolm and I just spent some time with my Mom in Utah and had a wonderful time. I traveled on the train for the first week and spent some time cleaning freezer, refrig., organizing and cleaning, cooking and enjoying visiting with my Mom. We bought her car so I spent some time having it serviced until Malcolm flew in the next week. My cousin, Denise let me use one of their cars the whole time so I could run errands to the store to shop for Mom and post office, bank, etc. It was a privilege to be able to help her and give Denise a couple of weeks off. She is so helpful to Mom with meals, shopping and Dr. appointments. I also got some wonderful visiting time with Mom and talked about growing up and some family history. She is so alert and bright and a joy to visit with. We plan to visit more often now that we have the time available. I am blessed to have a great Mom! We also took Dan's family to dinner as Cafe Rio and enjoyed it so much. The first week Steve's family came and brought dinner and I made rolls and potato salad and had a great time with them too. It was such a good time with family.

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