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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Paige and Rachel
Miles and Mason

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving week. Brian, Deb, Rachel and Matt came up on Tuesday and stayed through Thanksgiving so the cousins played together and we enjoyed some R&R with Brian and Deb. On Thursday, Mike, Annette and Miles joined us and Amanda and Tyler and their children came over and we had our usual big Turkey and the trimmings. Just a great day and everyone assisted with the meal so it was very relaxed and fun. Our only glitch was a tumble into the wall for Carson who eventually went to the hospital and had six stitches in his head. He is doing fine now and was so brave. Thank you all for coming and making the day so full on memories!! We love you all!
Mason, Carson and Brian with the Ipad
Annette and Debbie
Our brave little Carson

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