Malcolm and Patsy Sharing Some Memories With You

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grandma Eastland's Home

I am at my Mother's home in Spanish Fork. This has been our project week so we have done some house cleaning! We had a great time sharing memories as we looked through all the cupboards, drawers and shelves in the entire house. We kept the important items that Mom wanted and the rest were sent to trash or donation boxes.

We actually filled up 20 boxes of all types of craft, yarn, pictures, tape recorders, books, lamps, fabric and misc. How relieved Mom is to have all the stuff out of her home.
This is her Clean basement furnace room above and fruit room below - no more clutter!


lchiggs said...

Patsy! Come to my house! You can help me un-clutter too!!!

dj said...

I remember the day you cleaned the toliet at 'Mormon Corners' in Sonoma.

Todd said, "Our toliet is clean enough to eat out of!!!!"

Rachel said...

The basement looks absolutely amazing! I'm sure grandma loves it!

sara e.a.* said...

hey! you were in utah and you didn't come say hi?! j/k. it looks like you were pretty busy!!! :) you are such a good blogger! thanks for your comments. you are always such a sweet support to us! you need to help my momma get into the blogging world!!!