Malcolm and Patsy Sharing Some Memories With You

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A day with Mason & Carson

We had Mason and Carson today while Amanda took the boys and Paige on a cub scout hike at Zion's Camp. We had fun with them watching their favorite shows, working in the garden & Grandpa taking them to the park. They are having a pretzel snack in these pictures. They both took good naps after lunch. They were lots of fun.
Yummy pretzel snacks


naku said...

Malcolm and Patsy,
Tried to call but no answer.
Your old photos brought back good memories from our youth.
I get together with old teammates from our ball playing days and talk about old times.
We did have an amazing time coming to Alaska in the Ford. Been here 49 years now.
Life has been good.
Take care.

Patsy said...
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Sylvia said...

Patsy it was so good to see you the other night. Thank you so much for coming. It looks like you had a fun day with the boys. I have a lot of fond memories of Zion's Camp. We had Girl's Camp there for many years. Looking forward to Grant's blessing.