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Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Grandbaby - Grant

Dan and Kristina with their family and new baby Grant Matthew. We are so happy for their new son and for the safe delivery! Dan and Kristina are such great parents. We miss them, but are grateful for computers, pictures and phone calls. Congratulations, Dan and Kristina! We love you all!

With the birth of a new grandbaby, I am amazed by the miracle of it all and am sharing these thoughts too.

"As for me, I know nothing else but miracles,
Whether I walk the streets of Manhattan,
Or dart my sight over the roofs of houses toward the sky,
Or wade with naked feet along the beach just in the edge of the water,
Or stand under the trees in the woods,
Or talk by day with any one I love,
Or sleep in bed at night with the one I love,
Or watch honey bees busy around the hive of a summer forenoon...
Or the wonderfulness of the sundown,
Or of stars shining so quiet and bright,
Or the exquisite delicate thin curve of the new moon in spring...
What stranger miracles are there? "
Walt Whitman

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