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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pageant of the Masters

This is a huge picture advertising the Pageant outside the entrance to the theater - This years theme is Eat, Drink and be Merry. Every year there is a different theme and different art works. The finale is always the Last Supper which is just marvelous! My descriptions don't do the production justice.
A picture showing some of the costumes and make up on the actors
I love cups so Malcolm bought me a cup with a copy of one of the paintings on it.

Mike and Annette who invited us and got tickets months in advance to attend. Also took us to dinner. Thanks to them for a wonderful adventure at the Pageant!
Malcolm and Patsy inside the art display area

Some of the unusual and interesting art

Malcolm and I spent the morning at the beach with beautiful skies and wonderful temperatures
A great shot of my Honey having some lemonade at Ruby's at the end of the pier
Malcolm and I drove to Laguna Beach to See the Pageant of the Masters - an amazing production which features great works of art and has real people made up, designed, painted, etc to replicate the real piece of art. A backdrop is used and special lighting. Also a very interesting and humorous narrator tells the story and history of the art piece. It is so incredible and interesting to see. We could not take pictures inside, but we also viewed work of some artist from the area in paintings, pottery, jewelry and other forms. We spent hours just viewing all the very funny, beautiful and crazy ideas that gifted people put together.

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Looks like you guys had fun!