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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paige's Sleep-over

We made a tooth fairy pillow for Paige's loose 2 front teeth
Popcorn and a new video
Paige's favorite night shirt is my pink T-shirt pinned back to fit her
Our pies and cookies

We had what Paige calls a "sleep over" yesterday and today with our little Paige. She felt it was her turn to have some special attention. We did it all...popcorn, movies, rootbeer floats, stories read, etc. We even made pie and cookies which she helped with and today went to the store and did some shopping We picked veggies from the garden and she has mastered popping the ends off green beans. Our last project was to make a tooth fairy pillow for her front teeth which are really loose. We had so much fun!!

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The Eccles said...

Thank you so much! She had so much fun and is still talking about it. Fun memories for her.