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Friday, September 23, 2011

A new soaking walk-in tub and water softener

We ordered a new water softener because our water is so hard. We notice a great difference in bathing, washing clothes and dishes. Everything is just very nice and sparkling clean.
Malcolm surprised me by ordering a walk in tub while I was at my Mom's house. It will be so much easier to get in and out to soak my legs. I am blessed and so appreciative of such a thoughtful and wonderful hubby!! I followed the progress in a few pictures including our very competent contractors who had a wonderful attitude even when things were difficult and new fittings had to be picked up, etc. They even had to make a door opening in Malcolm's office to have access to the plumbing. It is a wonderful addition to our home!!!

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Nancy Strong said...

Whoa! So HOT. Enjoy dear Patsy.