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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Eureka Ward Reunion & Trip

We didn't miss time for ice cream - Malcolm's favorite dessert
Dan and Ben at his Soccer game. Dan coaches - then we met up with Kristina and went to yogurt Bliss- a yummy shop where you get your own yogurt and your own toppings (there are tons of choices and ours were all different, but delicious!

The pictures below are of some of our friends from Eureka, CA . We had not seen most of them since 1983 so it was quite a reunion.
Matt Stockwell's family
Rhonda Kilpatrick Hancock and Hubby Doug
Sherrie Kilpatrick Van Orden
Bob Sorensen
Lane Kilpatrick
Ron Kilpatrick
John Ruell
Peggy Buchanan's Son Ryan and his wife
Carole Melanson and Peggy Buchanan
Ellen Miller Messerly

Malcolm and I drove to Utah to participate in a Eureka Reunion. There were many people there so it was just wonderful to visit with everyone who came. There was a park reserved, we all brought our own dinners and just had a grand visit for hours.

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